ULTCO is dedicated to connecting consumers to superior products from partners who share our commitment to unrivaled quality, a sustainable value chain, and ethical fishing and farming practices. Superior sustainable seafood means clean, traceable, and responsibly sourced products, from ocean to table.

ULTCO is the exclusive North American partner of Norwegian salmon and fjord trout for for Seaborn AS. Founded in 2001 by a group of family-owned salmon and fjord trout farms, Seaborn AS is led by experienced farmers with a generations-long tradition of fish farming. The company represents the whole value chain from broodstock and roe, via hatching, fry, and smolt to marine growers of the highest quality. 

Seaborn's operations are certified by the Global Partnership for Good Agricultural Practice (Global G.A.P.) 

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ULTCO is also exclusive distribution partner of Snow White Halibut from Glitne®. The unique taste and structure of Snow White Halibut is formed by the deep, cold crystal-clear water of the Sognefjord, a fjord surrounded by high mountains and glaciers, with a long history of fisheries and rich mythology.